Limestone Tile Ottawa Flooring

These days, everyone is looking for inexpensive, high-impact renovations for their homes. They are seeking out products, for the home that will increase the value of the home much more than the investment they make into the upgrade. As such, many people have started looking at natural stone and the benefits they offer. Natural stone products can be used as flooring, for wall tiles, backsplashes, bars or countertops. Their usage can extend from the kitchen to the bathroom, to the living room, and truly extend to every room in the home. The most common natural stone products that people look at include limestone, marble, granite and slate, though others like zinc and sandstone are increasing in popularity.
Limestone Flooring and Tile
Limestone flooring is one of the most durable flooring materials available on the market. It comes in a variety of colours, shades and textures to fit the demands of every room. In fact, one of the major selling features of a limestone floor is that it will usually match all décor styles ranging from traditional to hyper modern. Its natural rustic look balances any room quite well.
Benefits of Limestone
Limestone flooring or tiles come with significant benefits, which helps to promote their usefulness and desirability in the home. Limestone is an incredible durable product that can virtually last a lifetime if properly maintained. The cost of a limestone floor is a little bit more than hardwood or some other manmade products, but the longevity it offers cannot be beat. With proper sealing and some minor care, a limestone floor will remain beautiful for years to come. It also retains its value significantly well – in some cases, a limestone floor will have increased the value of the home by up to 3% or more. This is not always the case, but it certainly does create additional luxury.
Sustainability and Nature
Limestone is a naturally occurring stone product. In fact, the earth has naturally designed it to be long lasting and durable. Limestone is created through a process that takes millions of years and significant amounts of pressure and heat from the planet. However, this process is ongoing, meaning that there is new limestone being developed nearly all the time. In addition, because it is a natural product, it brings that beauty into your home, which creates an earthy design that incorporates the outdoors. Walking on the natural texture of a limestone floor just feels good on bare feet.
Your home should be a sanctuary of beauty, relaxation and desirability. Walking into your home should be a treat that makes you feel better and forget all your cares. These days, one thing that has shown to make people very happy and improve their lives is a naturally occurring stone upgrade to their home. Many people look at kitchen or bathroom countertops and think of granite or marble, but those same people also look at their floors and think of limestone. Invest in limestone and reap the rewards.